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Air Conditioning Installation Services San Antonio

Air Conditioning Installation Services San Antonio

It is good to have a little knowledge of everything you are surrounded with. For instance, you should know how air conditioner installing process works. Well, we are focusing on that particular thing because here we are going to talk about this only. We insist you gather some knowledge of it especially when you need air conditioning installation service San Antonio. Now you might be thinking why should we learn the process when at the end we need to call any expert who has years of experience in the field. Well, that is true, and you can’t challenge his or her work, but there is nothing wrong in having some process knowledge so you can question anything when you sense something fishy is going on.
This will also help you to check various things like service is professional enough, they can’t make your fool, you can generally get better service and more. So have you convinced now on why you need to learn some basics before hiring any air conditioning installation service San Antonio. If yes then read further.
First of all, keep in mind that all air conditioner jobs are different from each other. There is very less chance that you find any similarities, especially when you compare and analyze the service thoroughly. We are providing some basic tips that will help you to feel confident about your AC repair service.

Checklist of Air Conditioning Installation Service San Antonio Tx

  • Make sure the outdoor unit is in level. This is important because it will make sure that compressor lubricates with oil properly as it distributes evenly.
  • Air conditioner’s outdoor unit should have a concrete or hardened plastic pad underneath. It will make sure to provide a strong base or structure for AC.
  • AC’s outdoor unit should always be 1 foot or more away from your house. You would love to know the reason. Actually, placing AC outdoor unit 1 foot away from your house maintains proper air circulation.If you simply ignore this and if it sounds very general to you then know that it will heavily affect your electricity bill in the long run as your air conditioner needs to deal with higher operating pressure.
  • You must ensure that there must be refrigerant drier or filter in the system. You can easily figure it out as it comes with a shape of a metal can that generally around the refrigerant line. If you are not able to find it outside the unit, then don’t worry as these days most brands prefer to fit it inside the unit.
  • Make sure inside the refrigerant system there is no moisture. If you mistakenly leave some moisture, then it will produce acid when moisture combined with high temperature and refrigerant. You need to worry about it as it will cause leaks in the system and can put a big hole in your pocket.
  • Before closing all the lids or openings make sure there is no scrap or other small outside particles inside the unit. Double check before closing the lids.
  • There is a large copper line that goes through the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. You need to make sure it is properly insulated and inspect foam insulation carefully if there is any kind of tears. Even if you found a minor one, fix it immediately. Don’t ignore it.
  • It is important to give support to the copper lines every 4 feet. Fix any sagging places in copper lines. It is vital because sagging line are responsible for holding or trapping the oil that is needed to lubrication of compressor. Now it is natural that when compressor doesn’t get enough oil, it gets fail.
  • It is advisable to have the same size of copper lines. Apart from it, it should be as shorter as possible. It will help you to establish the connection securely and effectively.
  • Indoor coil’s main and emergency drain connections should be led to a suitable drain. You obviously know why it is important, right?
  • Keeping the complete cooling cycle in mind run the whole system just to make sure that it works perfectly. Meanwhile, we recommend you to check the temperature drop near the evaporator coil. Sounds, technical?

Well, it is done by checking the air temperature in duct’s main supply and subtracting the air temperature that is entering to air handler or furnace. Talking about modern efficiency unit then it is 12 degrees to 14 degrees.

When you look for any AC installation service near me service in Google, then make sure to cross check all the above points in your service. Though it will give you an overview of the process of air conditioner services still it will help you to give peace of mind on service you will get.

Checklist That Needs to Be Cross-checked

We have mentioned few basics above that you can follow easily, but apart from it, you need to make sure to cross check a few things that is done by the professional. As below things are bit technical and can be handled by only professional so just make sure that it is followed by the expert.

  • Measure voltage and amperage in blower motor for proper operation.
  • Calibrate and level the thermostat for proper operation.
  • Inspect the bearing for lubrication.
  • If needed replace or clean the air filter.
  • Check the coil.
  • Flush and treat the condensate drain with anti-algae.
  • Check the refrigerant operating pressures.
  • Check the condenser coil.
  • Ensure all safety devices are properly working.
  • Inspect the electrical disconnect box.
  • Check contractors for any pitted and burned contacts.
  • Check for any loose wirings.
  • There shouldn’t be any exposed wiring.
  • Check the test capacitors.
  • Remove debris and clean condenser.
  • Check the fan blade.
  • Check the functioning of service valves.
  • Check for any difference in supply or return temperature.
  • Monitor the compressor for volt draw and amperage.
  • Check duct work functioning for any energy loss.

AC Installation Charges

How much I will be charged for AC installation. This is one of the most asked questions but frankly speaking, ac installation charges totally depends on the service provider and your relationship with the service provider. If you hire any professional then obviously you will need to pay some extra in comparison to market price.

In other case, if you hire any regular person in order to save a few bucks, then we must say you need to avoid it.

Few extra bucks not just entitle to get professional service, but it also assure you that you will not face any kind of problems in future.

However it is just a machine, anything can happen to it anytime, but here you just need to make a call to the same professional, and all things will be fixed in no time. Maybe that too free of cost as most of professional AC installation services come with a 3 to 6 months guarantee.

Now you know what you need to do when you look for any Air Conditioning Installation Services San Antonio TX. Just go through this little guide and get most out from your air conditioning installation service San Antonio Texas.

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