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Air Conditioning Installation Services San Antonio

The advent of technology has offered emphatic and extremely good solutions for air conditioning. Regardless of the technical powers that your air conditioner embraces,  the improper installation of your AC can drastically reduce its efficiency. Therefore, air conditioning installation is a vital cog for a high degree of effectiveness of your AC. If you are looking for air conditioning installation services in San Antonio then you have come to the right place. We assign one of our well-trained professionals to visit your premises and install the AC in the righteous way to maintain its efficiency. We, at Texas Air Experts, have a team of certified technical experts who are best in the business, they are thoroughly trained to provide excellent air conditioning installation services. Keeping the security of our customers in mind, we conduct strict accreditation of our staff. Our each and every professional undergoes different stages of competency, professionalism, and trustworthiness. Hence, we take a person as our team member only if he gains a pass in the conducted exam. This is yet another reason why we are a reliable company for air conditioning installation services in San Antonio, Texas.


We put our customers first.  No matter if you are seeking to install a cooling unit for the first time or to replace your old one, you can always rely upon our air conditioning installation services in San Antonio, TX. Once you schedule an appointment, our equipment-packed technician will reach your doorstep at the assigned time. We responsibly make sure that the mechanic arrives at your given address with every equipment that could be used for doing the job precisely.

With the richness of experience and knowledge gained over the years, our technicians will prove you with the custom solutions that factor the area of your home or office as well as your budget. Our AC experts consider the following three factors during any air conditioner installation services:

  1. Architect Features: Because of the size and shape of your building, the cooling unit can vary in performance. Therefore, our experienced agents analyze these architectural factors to maximize the efficiency of the AC.
  2. Air Quality: While installing air conditioning machine at your home or workplace, our AC experts check the air quality to boost the cooling effect as well as prevent moisture.
  3. Electrical Issues: Even the best air conditioners can strain your power system due to some electric issues. Therefore, our professionals will examine and wire your AC systematically to minimize the risk of a power failure, burnout or other electrical problem.
Air Conditioning Repair Service In San Antonio Texas

Major Checklists of Air Conditioning Installation Service

  • Make sure the outdoor unit is in level. This is important because it will make sure that compressor lubricated with oil properly as it distributes evenly.
  • Air conditioner outdoor unit should have a concrete or hardened plastic pad underneath. It will make sure to provide a strong base or structure for AC.
  • AC outdoor unit should always be 1 foot or more away from your house. You would love to know the reason. Actually, placing AC outdoor unit 1 foot away from your house maintains proper air circulation. If you simply ignore this and if it sounds very general to you then know that it will heavily affect your electricity bill in the long run as your air conditioner needs to deal with higher operating pressure.
  • You must ensure that there must be refrigerant drier or filter in the system. You can easily figure it out as it comes with a shape of a metal can that generally around the refrigerant line. If you are not able to find it outside the unit, then don’t worry as these days most brands prefer to fit it inside the unit.
  • Make sure inside the refrigerant system there is no moisture. If you mistakenly leave some moisture, then it will produce acid when moisture combined with high temperature and refrigerant. You need to worry about it as it will cause leaks in the system and can put a big hole in your pocket.
  • Before closing all the lids or openings make sure there is no scrap or other small outside particles inside the unit. Double check before closing the lids.
  • There is a large copper line that goes through the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. You need to make sure it is properly insulated and inspect foam insulation carefully if there is any kind of tears. Even if you found a minor one, fix it immediately. Don’t ignore it.
  • It is important to give support to the copper lines every 4 feet. Fix any sagging places in copper lines. It is vital because sagging line are responsible for holding or trapping the oil that is needed to lubrication of the compressor. Now it is natural that when the compressor doesn’t get enough oil, it gets fail.
  • It is advisable to have the same size of copper lines. Apart from it, it should be as short as possible. It will help you to establish the connection securely and effectively.
  • Indoor coil’s main and emergency drain connections should be led to a suitable drain. You obviously know why it is important, right?
  • Keeping the complete cooling cycle in mind run the whole system just to make sure that it works perfectly. Meanwhile, we recommend you to check the temperature drop near the evaporator coil. Sounds, technical?

Professional will also provide you with a list of AC maintenance service steps to follow. These steps will help you in maintaining proper care condition in your office or at your home.

The list is as follows:

  • Making sure that the air conditioner unit that has been installed in your place should be properly serviced from time to time.
  • The systems that are installed at your premises should not fly conditioned air to the areas of the building that are not occupied.
  • Changing your thermostat settings at the highest in the winter and lowest in the summers could also affect the working of the air conditioning units installed.

  • Ask the professional to check the electric switches properly, if at any time you see we lose wires kindly contact our professional immediately. That will help you in preventing an accident.  

  • Whenever there is no need of the AC unit working make sure they are switched off.

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