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Air Conditioner Evaluations With Texas Air Experts

Is your air conditioner going bump in the night? Does it have to run longer to keep your home comfortable? If you’re concerned about your air conditioner, put the screwdriver down. It’s time to call in the professionals. Texas Air Experts prides itself in conducting thorough and honest air conditioner evaluations. What’s better? For only $49, our trained and certified HVAC technicians will evaluate your home AC system. They will pinpoint any existing problems and suggest the necessary repairs.

Common AC Problems

  • Problems with dust
  • Problems with allergies
  • Hot or cold spots
  • Unit freezing up
  • Unit shuffles on and off
  • Inadequate cooling

If you have any of these air conditioning problems, call us today for an air conditioner check!

Buying or Selling a Home?

Buying or selling a home is no simple process. When it comes to making a big sale like this, one of the major deciding factors is the status of the HVAC system. Whether you’re buying or selling, an AC evaluation with Texas Air Experts will give you peace of mind. Those selling their home can show that their AC is in good working order. Buyers can make sure their new home will stay comfortable for years to come.

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