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The real need of AC Tune-Up

The habitual question that raises frequently in everyone's mind and the simple reply is "yes" and some of the reasons that says why are; AC unit is the main investment in home ac repair San Antonio which demands for a yearly AC tune-ups; the most vital part in a family is being safe and secure at home, especially when it comes to Air Conditioning Installation that guarantees at most operating efficiency and can also assist you in limiting the trouble and additional cost of a sudden repair; the main reason for AC tune-up is that if it is not done it will in turn raise the monthly utility bill by operating at top efficiency by air conditioning unit repair.

Coming to the advantages of the AC Tune Up Cost San Antonio, it's best to make it annually as it is very profitable as well as guarantees that your AC Tune up Cost San Antonio TX to operate at high efficiency, which in turn enhance the lifespan of your unit and assist in limiting your monthly energy bill. It’s the best way to tackle small problems before they get into bigger ones. 

For instance, the drain of the AC condensate which is blocked with an accumulation of thick wet matter is easy to sort out if the problem is inspected soon. However, as time passes it can end up with other problems comprising mold growth vandalized sheetrock and rust of your home's HVAC system. Finally, these results in servicing that are costlier than the price of an AC Tune up Cost San Antonio TX.

Things involved in an AC Tune-Up
Yes! It’s more important to take your heating and Air Conditioning Installation for regular service. The people who don’t keep this in mind will face the breakdown of their system unexpectedly, that leaves them with no heating and air conditioning at the time of the most uncomfortable times of the year. Ac Tune-Up Cost San Antonio will not cost much for a scheduled professional tune-up, while the return from the investment can be more. This in turn helps you to limit unexpected failures, tune-ups are the most vital part in helping your air conditioning unit to recover the efficiency that is lost, run more safely, enhance the entire lifespan of the unit, enhance your overall comfort level and decrease your running expenses. Typically your heating and air conditioning system must be examined at least once in a year. However a fine AC tune up must comprise of some steps that include:
  • Inspecting components and blower
  • Verifying voltage and power unit
  • Checkout for correct refrigerant level
  • Proper lubrication on all operational mechanical parts
  • Test running temperatures
  • Examine all electrical attachments
  • Verify all protection controls
  • Verify external condensing coil
  • Test all filters
  • Test every breakers and fuses
  • Verify the blower motor and compressor fan
  • Examine refrigerant lines
  • Examine drain pump
  • Adjust the thermostat
  • Examine supplementary drain pan

What differs between an AC Tune-up and an AC Inspection?

In fact, there is no difference between AC Tune Up and AC Inspection; this depends on the terms that are used by the companies. While both terms serve the same purpose to guarantee you the AC unit is working in a proper way and find out if there are any potential problems that could affect the efficiency of the unit negatively.

What is the exact duration to have AC Tune Up?

The current heating and air conditioning units are extremely advanced systems that offer a long life span with definitive service, on the condition that AC Units are maintained properly. While most manufacturers suggest that the Air Duct repair and heating units tuned up on a yearly basis in a process to enhance the efficiency and life span of your AC Unit San Antonio. In fact, some manufacturers’ need you to examine your AC unit yearly as part of their assurance programs. Meanwhile a professional AC Tune-Up and Air Duct Repair include the following steps;
  • A thorough cleaning of the condenser coils that increase the efficiency and can decrease the wear and tear on your system.
  • Testing the coolant level will help to maintain peak running performance. Lubricating all moving parts will help to eliminate friction and thereby controls the wear and tear of the device and increase your energy costs.
  • A total calibration of your thermostat to examine proper running.
  • Quick inspection of ductwork for possible energy loss.
  • Tightening and verifying of all the electrical connections to examine safe system operation.
  • Make sure that the performance of the blower motor is up to the mark and the condition of the blower belt.
However, the above mentioned points are just a few of the standard checks that must be performed by a professional HVAC repair technician. Ac Tune-Up Cost San Antonio Texas offers complete 17-point to help ensure your system is running efficiently and reliably. The 17-point AC Tune-Up San Antonio Texas comes with:
  • Checking the level of refrigerant
  • Monitoring condenser fan motor
  • Verifying contactor points
  • Clean or replace the standard air filter
  • Verify squirrel cage
  • Verifying thermostat for correct calibration
  • Testing is the wiring is connected to low-voltage
  • Test if there is any disconnect box
  • Conduct complete energy audit of HVAC repair system
  • Verify compressor
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Verify condenser coil
  • Test evaporator fan motor
  • Verify is there is any drop in temperature at coil
  • Test fan relay
  • Examine plenum
  • Verify breakers
However, Texas Air Experts offer air conditioning unit repair per year under their annual maintenance agreements so you can be prepared for best operation with their comfort plan. Along with this any AC Unit San Antonio club member can get a discount rate which is applicable for all products and services at home ac repair San Antonio.