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For worry-free AC maintenance, join the A.I.R. Club!

Texas Air Experts is proud to offer home and business owners special rates on repairs, new installations and tune-ups through our Cooling, Heating, Air Quality and Maintenance Plan (A.I.R.) With the right air conditioning maintenance package, your unit can operate safely and efficiently for many years to come. Read below or call to speak with one of our team members today to learn more about the A.I.R. Club and A.I.R. Club Pro.

* On units installed by Texas Air Experts (two years and younger)

AC Repair Levels

90 percent of our repairs fall in levels 1-3

  1. Repair, Replace, Install: Filter media, thermocouple, flow T switch, drain line repair, thermostat, flame sensor, breaker, refrigerant up to 2 lbs.

  2. Repair, Replace, Install: Secondary drain pan and line, minor duct repair, relay, sequencer, shaft and bearing, replacement UV light bulb, starter kits, clean blower fan, clean furnace, static pressure testing, contactor, condenser fan blade, control switch, disconnect box, timer, capacitor, refrigerant up to 4 lbs, hot surface ignitor, transformer.

  3. Repair, Replace, Install: Secondary circuit board, universal motor, gas valve, heat strips, defrost control board, blower fan, universal burners, rewire.

  4. Repair, Replace, Install: Primary circuit board, TXV, pump, refrigerant leak repair, major duct repair, replace flue pipe to roof (existing roofjack), refrigerant recovery and repair, suction line dryer, O.E.M. motor or burners, pull and clean coil, ignitor kit.

  5. Repair, Replace, Install: Relocate condensing unit, flue, in-warranty condensing unit, heat exchanger, reversing valve, replace flue pipe w/new roofjack, replace in warranty compressor (5 years), in-warranty evaporator coil.

Trusted maintenance program for your AC

Have you battled with an air conditioning system in the past? Did it freeze at all the wrong times? Was the maintenance tedious and confusing? Texas Air Experts is here to lighten your load! With our A.I.R. Club, you can leave the maintenance up to the professionals.

Did you move into a home with an existing air conditioner? We even have plans for units we didn’t install! Pretty cool, right? No matter your budget, there is a Texas Air Experts Comfort Plan for you!

We can help you choose from one of our AC maintenance packages based on your home and air conditioner’s specific needs. Check out the options below to find the plan you’re interested in. Need help? Give us a call anytime and we’ll make sure you never have to worry about air conditioner maintenance again!