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Your air conditioning system is responsible for controlling the airflow in your home. Air ducts inside these systems deliver the air throughout the house, and small leaks in them can evolve into huge problems if not fixed. Without much experience, it may be difficult to identify when a leak exists in your system, so here are four signs your air ducts are leaking and may need air duct repair.

Higher energy consumption and utility bills
This is possibly the most painful sign there’s a leak in your air ducts. If there’s a leak, your HVAC system works harder and longer to make up for air loss and keep your home comfortable. As it does this, it consumes more energy than usual and eventually causes increases in your utility bill amount.

Poor air pressure and quality
Lack of air flow and inconsistent temperatures are other major signs of leaks in your air ducts. Air isn’t distributed appropriately throughout the property and can impact your comfort. This is most noticeable when rooms throughout your home have entirely different temperatures – although your system is explicitly set. One way to test this is to check the air pressure. If you put your hand in front of the vent and feel little to no air coming through while the system is on, you’ve got a leak.

Excessive dust in your home
The buildup of dust in your home may also be an indicator you are in need of air duct repair. Without proper airflow throughout the system, dust can build up and dirty both your home and the ducts themselves. This growth of dust can eventually cause further damage to your system and worsen the situation if not taken care of quickly enough.

Unusual noises and strange smells
Air conditioning systems are attractors of moisture, especially when leaks and holes are present in them. When a leak occurs, moisture can either leak into or from the system and cause musty odors and even mold growth, which can lead to potentially serious health risks and conditions.

There are plenty of DIY attempts to fix leaks to reduce repair costs, but they tend to be just a band-aid on a bullet wound and can cost you more in the long run. For proper air duct sealing, it’s best to have a professional from Texas Air Experts repair your leaks permanently, as well as provide routine and annual maintenance to prevent future ones. If you’re in need of air duct repair, contact Texas Air Experts today!