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As we go into the summer, we do so knowing that it’s going to be hot. It’s no surprise, and it’s almost as if it’s clockwork: each summer seems warmer than the last. We all face the dread of yet another hotter, meaner summer each year as it approaches, especially in the grand state of Texas. The summer heat endured by Texas every year reaches a level of hot unmatched by most other states in the country, and central Texas cities like San Antonio feel it the most.

Just glancing at the monthly weather report for San Antonio, this year is no exception. In June, the average temperature is expected to find itself in the low to mid 90s, and they’re not forecasted to drop below those numbers for the entire month. On some days, San Antonio can even expect to see a record-breaking high of 106 degrees. June and July get even hotter, with the averages consistently hitting anywhere from the mid to high 90s and with record-breaking highs up to 110 degrees for those months. These consistent record temperatures are expected to last the entire summer for San Antonio, and won’t drop until late September.

These numbers sound great if you’ve got plans to loiter around the pool or take a vacation on an exotic island for the entire summer, but for most those are not the case. Otherwise, that’s a long time to endure the extreme, record-breaking heat that’s anticipated this summer – especially if you’re air conditioner goes out unexpectedly. Finding a trusted HVAC company who can make repairs quickly can be a headache if you don’t know where to start.

When in doubt, Texas Air Experts has everything you need for all your HVAC needs, emergency or not. From speedy AC repair jobs to regular AC tune-ups, Texas Air Experts will guarantee your air conditioner is ready for even the hottest of San Antonio summers.

Don’t be a victim of the menacing Texas summer heat. Make sure your air conditioner system is in tip-top shape as we go into San Antonio’s hottest time of the year by partnering with Texas Air Experts for the best regular service plan in the area.